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Give Your Pal a Call

Older and younger woman on a couch

Would it make your life easier if you had someone to help with chores? To take you grocery shopping? Set up your cell phone?

A Papa Pal is happy to do any (or all) of those tasks. They can even come over to play a board game or take a walk. And it’s all available at no cost through your BCBSRI Medicare Advantage Plan.

How Papa Pals works

We could all use a little help sometimes, and Papa is a great new service that sends Pals right to your house. Papa Pals can provide:

  • Companionship
    Chat, watch a movie, exercise
  • House needs
    Light cleaning, meal prep, organizing, pet help
  • Transportation
    Doctors appointments, errands, grocery/pharmacy shopping
  • Technology help
    Help with computers, smartphones, tablets, social media, accessing telehealth

Your safety is very important to us, and all Papa Pals are carefully screened to make sure they are a good fit for the Papa community.

Set up a visit

It’s easy to get started with Papa Pals.

Papa Pals at 1-888-865-1314.

Sign up for Papa Pals at